Diagnostic Services

 Family Support Services

This is a service provided at SSK by the Medico Social Work Department. The department has been a networking unit, bringing together the family as a part of the whole institution and nurturing and empowering parents.

For appointments, email -msw@spasticssocietyofkarnataka.org

Medical Diagnostic Services 

​It is internationally accepted that a multi-disciplinary team approach is best to optimise the life of a person with disability. At the Diagnostics and Research Center (DRC) this objective is achieved through a committed medical and paramedical team that works towards maximising the potential of persons with special needs.

For appointments, email - msw@spasticssocietyofkarnataka.org

Developmental Therapy Services

Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Sensory Integration therapy, Speech Language therapy, Audiology and Augmentative Communication aims at -

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Child Study Centre - Clinical Psychology and Education

The Unit works towards the philosophy of Inclusive Education in mainstream schools by supporting school managements and teachers to retain children with learning difficulties in schools. This department is acknowledged by IGCSE, IB, State Board, CBSE and ICSE Board to give recommendations for accommodations’ to students with learning needs. 200 children benefitted from Psychological assessments to determine their strengths, potential and aid in further planning. At the Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health, educational evaluations, screening for younger children, parent counselling and guidance was also undertaken.

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The Centre for Assistive Technology for Life Skill Training (CATELST)   supports children's independent participation through devices/services within their environment at home or school. 

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For appointments contact: email: sskat@spasticssocietyofkarnataka.org