Outreach model

Outreach model

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals consists of Physio, Occupational and Speech Therapists; Psychologist, a Special Education teacher and field coordinators who are ably assisted by the Community Based Rehabilitation workers (CBRWs). These have been able to reach out to the PWDs, educate the parents about the disability and government schemes and the intervention required. The engagement with the community leaders, medical teams, and ASHA workers has helped in reaching out to children and families in need of services.

  • Early Intervention programmes in 5 districts of Karnataka in collaboration with Hospitals/Public Health Centres/Community Medicine Centres provide intervention services to children with developmental disabilities and for children at risk of developmental delay.

  • Home-based services are provided for children whom we are not able to include due to the severity of the condition. Professionals & the CBRWs visit the child to monitor the programme and record progress. Aids and Appliances are given to help the child in the home.

  • The inclusion of children into anganwadis and government schools at their respective locations supports their learning outcomes. Children with different disabilities have been included in the regular schools. Our team has identified 16 such schools in and around Harohalli and we have planned a comprehensive programme which includes teacher training workshops for identification of persons with disabilities, evaluation, and remediation for retaining them in school. Children have been successfully included in schools in Ramanagaram, Devanahalli, and Harohalli.

  • Tele-rehabilitation programme as a model of service delivery is currently operational in Kolar.

  • Parent training and certified training in Early Child Education for mothers, has given them the confidence to take care of not only their children but also contribute to the development of children with special needs in their communities. The mothers have shown qualities of becoming sensitive and informed caregivers and leaders in their communities and in SSK programmes.