Sheltered Work Training

Centre for Creative Growth

Centre for Creative Growth provides a stimulating environment for artistic & vocational instruction, design exploration, personal expression and collective engagement of young adults with special needs. The goal of this unit is to lead the young adults with varied disabilities to the threshold of dignified living.

  • Creative Art Unit: Trains adolescents and young adults with developmental disabilities in pre-vocational, vocational and production training in paper craft, textiles, wood, terracotta, tailoring and weaving, computers and other areas. The training provides opportunities for building a social atmosphere among peers.

  • Visual Art Unit: Art is an integral part of the curriculum at SSK. It has been used over the years to encourage children’s expressions of emotions, ideas and thoughts. The programme also identifies and nurtures the hidden creative talent and artistic abilities of students in a studio environment.

  • The Saath Saath initiative trains parents and caregivers in various aspects of production, so as to help set up sheltered work units within their communities.

Our training products are exhibited and available for sale at our outlet ‘We Tree’. Here our trainees receive hands-on training in stock taking, marketing & sales and money-handling.