‘WE TREE’ – Training Products – Special Creations by Special Artisans

Welcome to our little corner of the world at the “We Tree”. We are the trainees of the Centre for Creative Growth (Vocational Training Unit) of the Spastics Society of Karnataka, an NGO dedicated to the welfare of persons with developmental disabilities. Here, our instructors train us and our parents with skills that focus on our life skills and livelihood. Our relationship with our parents is strengthened by working together. Together, we are hoping for a better future and livelihood. 


 We Tree is our sanctuary of support and hope for a self sufficient, productive and dignified life. The name and logo has been collectively designed by our alumni trainees. 


Here we learn 

  • Tailoring and Stitching

  • Embroidery

  • Block Printing

  • Screen Printing

  • Paper/Mug/T Shirt Printing

  • Xerox, Lamination

  • Hand weaving

  • Paper Crafting

  • Painting and Sketching

  • Pottery and clay modelling

  • Clay jewellery

  • Baking

  • Catering


Training at the Centre for Creative Growth is our favourite time of the day because this is where we get to break away from routine to express ourselves creatively with textures and designs, shapes and colours, smells and tastes. 


We would love for you to be part of this Circle of Hope. 

You can do so in many ways -

  • Think of We Tree when you need to find gifts: We consciously make products that are eco-friendly, cost effective and contemporary. These make perfect gifts for occasions, events and festivals whether corporate or personal. We are also happy to customize some of the products to specific needs. Within the limitations of ability and resources we cater to bulk orders too.

  • Talk to your friends, family, customers and visitors about We Tree: There isn’t a better complement we can ask for. So do spread the word. If you are travelling abroad or have visitors from out of town or country, We Tree is a fantastic place for contemporary but markedly Indian handmade souvenir giveaways.

  • Visit us or volunteer with We Tree: You are welcome to visit the unit between (9:30am and 3:30 pm on weekdays). You'll get to see us working in our different crafts.  You can help with marketing our products; teach a skill; or join us in learning a skill.  


Allow us to show you some of the products we make during our training under our chosen name WE TREE. The product catalogue gives details of each product. 


We thank you for patronising these creations and the encouragement to do better to reach our potentials. 


You can visit us at –

Centre for Creative Growth

Spastics Society of Karnataka

31, 5th Cross, Off 5th Main, 

Indiranagar 1st Stage

Bengaluru – 560038


Phone: 080 40745929 / 23 / 32 

Mobile: 9880917981



You can find us online at -

Website: https://www.spasticssocietyofkarnataka.org  

FB: https://www.facebook.com/spasticssocietyofkarnataka/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spastics_society_of_karnataka

Email: products@spasticssocietyofkarnataka.org