Human Resources Development and Training  (HRDT)

This Department is committed towards manpower development in the field of Disability Rehabilitation through Pre-Service, In-Service and Continuing Education Programs. Workshops and Seminars for teachers, parents, and professionals are conducted periodically. We provide volunteering opportunities for individuals who are interested in working with children with special needs as well as internships for students.


For any queries, please contact us at +91-80-4074-5911, Monday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm.

You can also email us at


  • RCI – D.Ed Spl.Ed CP

  • RCI – D.Ed Spl.Ed

  • ASD In collaboration With Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI)


  • ECE, CLD, IE,

  • PGD-LD In Collaboration with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (BVB)

Continuing Education

  • RCI

  • CBR Network

  • Teachers Training