This is a service provided at the Spastics Society of Karnataka by the Medico Social Work Department. The department has been a networking unit, bringing together the family as a part of the whole institution and nurturing and empowering parents.

Mission of the Unit

To enhance the process of rehabilitation by optimally involving the family and social system to which the child belongs. To enhance complete social integration of every child referred.

Services Provided Are


A complete evaluative case history of each child referred, and guidance on future course of action to be taken based on the case history is done by the Medico Social worker.


  • For Children and Adolescents with emotional concerns and requiring guidance on course of action to be taken.

  • For families of the children referred.

  • For Siblings of the Children with Special needs.


Referral to the appropriate services within the Spastics Society, based on the needs as assessed by the Medico Social Worker. Referral to other institutions based on a comprehensive understanding of the needs.


Placement of Children with Special Needs in Open work units and sheltered work units.

Other Services

Home visits, group meetings of mothers, siblings, fathers and families are regularly conducted to enhance intervention and to validate comprehensive care for the child.