Early Intervention &

Special Education

Educational services at SSK aim at developing the unique abilities of children in a caring and stimulating environment. Children learn the core values of self esteem, respect for others, kindness and understanding their own special gifts and talents. Educational goals for children include independence and self reliance through life skill education models of learning.

Center for Special Education

The Centre for Special Education (CSE) is a Day Centre (9.30am – 3.30pm) for age groups varying from 5 to 20 years.

Inclusive Vocational Skills Training

The Inclusive Vocational Skills Training Centre focusses on training students in the skill areas of Secretarial Practice, Tailoring, and Catering and Baking.

Learners Center

Learners' Centre offers an Inclusive Education programme for children with special needs, for children who are unable to cope with the mainstream curriculum and for the economically disadvantaged. The academic programme is planned after assessing the student’s functioning level and abilities with instruction provided keeping in mind the learning pace of the children and their wholistic development.