Diagnostic Services


Medical Diagnostics Services

Diagnostics and Research Center has Medical and Paramedical Services. 

It is internationally accepted that a multi disciplinary team approach is the best to achieve the optimum in the life of a person with disability, more so in the case of persons with Neuromuscular Disorders. At the DRC this objective is being achieved with the availability of a committed medical and paramedical team. The whole team works towards the common goal of maximizing the potential of the person with special needs.

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Allied Health Services

The crux of the rehabilitation process rests on the paramedical services. Spastics Society of Karnataka offers all relevant paramedical support for a rehabilitation of children with neurological and developmental disabilities.


Paramedical Services are available to both children of spastics society and also children referred to Spastics Society.Paramedical Services constitutes of Home Management Unit, Child Study Center, Therapy Unit , Speech Language and Hearing Unit.

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Family Support Services

This is a service provided at the Spastics Society of Karnataka by the Medico Social Work Department. The department has been a networking unit, bringing together the family as a part of the whole institution and nurturing and empowering parents.