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The students at the Spastics Society of Karnataka produce engage in a lot of different types of creative activities. Such creative activities help the students develop their motor skills as well as other soft skills. It is a form of expression for our students and looking at their beautiful creations gives them confidence and happiness.

At the Creative Work Center young adults with disabilities work together in a sheltered work situation to create some of the most valuable and beautiful products.  The products are comparable to the open market in terms of their quality and design.

Under the vocational training programme, students at Spastics Society of Karnataka make a variety of jute, textile, paper and food based products among others. You can support our students by ordering these products to add a special touch to your events such as weddings, parties, seminars, conferences or to your home.

You can choose to encourage out students by buying their following types of pieces of art –

  1. Paintings and Artwork
  2. Greeting Cards
  3. Other Paper Based products and Gifts