Blue Skies

Capt Pradeep Roy’s Gift to Children of SSK on November 14th.

Many students at Spastics Society of Karnataka have surprising good knowledge of flights,plane parts,boeing models and sometimes their speed. That should be Capt Pradeep Roy who enjoys spending his time with the children at Spastics Society of Karnataka.
His gift to his friends on the Children’s day:

A trip from Bangalore to Mangalore on the Jet Airways(where he works).

Here is snippet from the volunteer voices section from the 2006 Annual Report of SSK.
Decades ago when I joined the National Defecce Academy in 1974,on the first Sunday my Squadron Cadet Captain asked for volunteers for a special job. In a flash some of us smarties raised our hands. We were promptly handed brooms,mops and pails and spent the Sunday cleaning the corridors!!! So I learnt a lesson that I followed for the next 25 year: Never Volunteer!!

In July 2004, at the festival of Bengal in Bangalore, I saw a programme staged by the children of SSK and was amazed at the effort that went into the show, from the children and their teachers. At the end of the show the organizers said that those who wanted to help should contact the Spastics Society and thus started my tryst with some wonderful children.

Most of us live for ourselves, our families etc. Our compulsions are many. I felt I needed to do something more meaningful with my life and I have just started to find that. I dont wish to sound artificial but I learnt long ago that if you do some good then don’t talk about it, as then it goes away.So it suffices for the moment that there is nothing more I would like to do on my day off than to be with the children at the Spastics Society School.

Blue Skies,
Pradeep Roy.